The products below are not legal in many of the World’s Jurisdictions!
Our product range is currently only available from select Cannabis Associations in Spain and in 2017 available from Therapeutic Herb Houses in Jamaica.
We regret that we cannot supply all of our products by post or mail order, however our CBD range of vape juices, tinctures and capsules will be available in the UK, in late 2016.

Bud Buddies Research and Development
Since our creation in 2002 we have conducted research into the medicinal application and administration of cannabinoids. So far, our research and studies have mainly been conducted in the UK and Spain, in 2016 we teamed up with partners in the Caribbean to further develop our product range and to develop a range of cannabinoid e-liquids.
All the oils and extracts produced by the Bud Buddies organization are laboratory tested and although HPLC testing is expensive it ensures that the products we produce are of the highest quality, testing also enables us to produce standardized cannabis preparations.
Over the years, we have collected detailed feedback from our members on how cannabis (bud) and our cannabinoid preparations assist them, this feedback has helped Bud Buddies to develop effective solutions to complex medical issues. Or database contains over 8,000 records.
Member feedback has been crucial in developing our product range:
“Your tincture has really helped – a few drops under my tongue reduce pain and it has given me the best night’s sleep in over 8 years! Thank you!”
“I feel as though this past week I have been more myself and more human than I have been in almost three years. I am half way through my little bottle and this week has been like a respite from all of the fatigue and pain. I am not snappy with my children, I am calmer and more tolerant and easy going, I put this down to being able to sleep soundly and to not being in pain.”
“Woke up feeling in an angry mood after oversleeping, took two drops of the tincture which allowed me to relax and slow my breathing. I had an extremely stressful day which led to feelings of overheating, anxiety and increased heart rate. Two drops remedied this “effectively”.

We produce a varied range of formulations to assist a wide range of conditions.
These products are for sublingual administration (under the tongue).
From our research we know that there is a synergy between cannabinoids and terpenes. If you are not aware of Dr. Ethan Russo’s research into the “entourage effect” then we recommend that you research the subject for yourself. We have found the work of Dr. Russo invaluable.
For flavouring, we generally add pure terpenes to our tinctures, however, we also add terpenes to enhance the medicinal effects of cannabinoids. Which particular terpene depends very much on what we are trying to achieve. For Example: we have found that Cannamol is more effective against pain caused by inflammation if it has additional terpenes with anti-inflammatory properties, such as: β–Caryophyllene and Mycrene.
Over the years, we have experimented with many different methods and formulations, our earliest tinctures were made with ethanol, we now have three standardised tincture type formulations.

“It has been quite amazing; the headache I wake up with every morning is hugely helped by the oil… I keep it by my bed! I also found it very useful it at night to deal with the RLS, just as my leg started to get restless I take 2 drops under the tongue. Wow. I must tell you… the affect is quite astounding!! My leg quietens right down and returns to its normal state”
Cannagesic, was mainly developed to treat neuropathic pain. Each drop contains 3mgs THC, 160 drops per bottle. Added terpenes in a hemp seed carrier.

“I started to use the Cannamol as a pre-emptive measure to all meals with absolutely fantastic results. Digestion time was cut in half and the usual cramps and frequent toilet trips seemed non-existent. I also used this method with anxiety and depression where possible and it gave me my first real glimpse of life without these disabilities for six years. This is by far and above the most effective medicine I have been given.”
Cannamol, has a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio, each drop contains 3 mgs of THC and CBD, 160 drops per bottle. It has proven to be effective in many conditions, especially if inflammation is involved, e.g. IBS, Colitis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Cannamol is a very effective analgesic, many of the people who have used it are also prescribed many opiate painkillers, the feedback report below is from the Mother of a 13-year-old girl who suffers from Trigeminal Neuralgia, also known as the ‘suicide disease’.
“So far so good, treating her as soon as she gets a niggle, so far it has stopped it becoming a full blown neuralgia attack which has been such a relief for her”
“Two drops every 20 minutes until the pain goes. Usually I only have to give her one dose, it’s amazing! Yesterday though it was a more serious attack and it took a few more doses until the pain was completely gone, then it came back in the evening, but again, one dose and it was gone. Its helping her so, so much, its giving her a quality of life she didn’t have before”

“I was in a fair bit of discomfort when I woke up but after 4 drops the pain subsided in my neck, arms, back, hips, legs and feet within 20 minutes of taking the tincture. I did not need any more until 2pm when I had another 2 drops, I do not have any anxiety, I am not irritable, I am relaxed, pain free and more importantly, I feel human again”
Cannatex, has a 2:1 THC:CBD ratio, each drop contains 1.8 mgs of THC and 3.75 mgs of CBD, 160 drops per bottle. Like Cannamol, it has proven to be effective in many conditions, especially if inflammation is involved, e.g. IBS, Colitis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Topical preparations
“I have tried it on a skin lesion which hasn’t healed in four years – gone in 3 days! …… this stuff is gold.
A range of topically applied creams & lotions to treat skin complaints such as psoriasis and eczema.

Standardized oral medications
Available in capsules and concentrated form (syringe), specific cannabinoid profiles to treat a wide range of conditions.
There are many anecdotal cases of cancer sufferers treating their cancers successfully with cannabis oil and there is a growing demand for this type of cannabis extraction. We hope to have a range available in Jamaica for cancer sufferers.
Capsules can be produced with 5mg to 500mg cannabinoid content.

Inhalation is an effective method of administration for cannabinoids.
The harms associated with smoking are well known and cannabis consumers are seeking safer delivery methods such as vaporization. To meet this demand, we are interested in developing a range of e-liquids containing cannabinoids. These products can be developed for both the recreational and the therapeutic market.
In devices like this vape liquids are inhaled  and their use can reduce or even eliminate the harm associated with smoking.
Electronic cigarettes produce a vapour, there is no combustion so therefore no smoke. You inhale via a mouth piece and a battery is used to heat a metal coil which produces the vapour, the vapour is drawn into the lungs and rapidly enters the bloodstream.
Our range of vape liquids will initially be based on our tincture range, the prototype products will be a high THC vape juice based on Cannagesic and a 1:1 CBD:THC based on Cannamol, various versions will be produced with added terpenes.

Nabiximols are cannabis based medications for sublingual administration, they are oral sprays containing cannabinoids and terpenes administered by spraying under the tongue. One such product which has passed clinical trials is Sativex™, a product licensed in the UK and Europe.
In the UK Sativex has patent protection until June 2025. We aim to have a pharmaceutical grade product ready for market by this time which would piggy back off the clinical research carried out by GW Pharmaceuticals (the producers of Sativex™).
Generic version Nabiximols could be produced in the Caribbean for domestic and international markets.

CBD oils, vape juices, tinctures and capsules are legal in most countries around the world as CBD is not deemed to be psychoactive, CBD has the following properties:

    • Anticonvulsant – suppresses seizure activity
    • Antipsychotic – combats psychosis disorders
    • Anti-inflammatory – combats inflammatory disorders
    • Anti-oxidant – combats neurodegenerative disorders
    • Anti-cancer – can combat tumours and cancerous cells
    • Anxiolytic/anti-depressant – combats anxiety and depression disorders
    • Antiemetic – reduces nausea and vomiting. We are looking to develop a range of CBD products for UK and international markets.