Is hemp seed oil the cannabis oil to treat cancer?

No! Hemp seed oil is extracted from the seeds (by pressing) of the female cannabis hemp plant, the oil extracted is very nutritious, e.g. it contains twice the levels of omega 3 found in olive oil and has half the calories. However, hemp seed oil does not contain any cannabinoids which are the compounds that have anti-cancer properties.

Will cannabis oil cure my cancer?

We are very aware of people who have successfully used cannabis oil to send their cancer into remission, however “cure” is not a word we use at Bud Buddies, we feel that the use of this word in relation to treating cancer is inaccurate and can be misleading. Cannabinoids can be very effective at treating cancer, however if cannabis oil was a “cure” then there would not be the requirement for an ongoing “maintenance dose”.

Where can I buy cannabis oil to treat cancer?

The question we are most frequently asked here at Bud Buddies is “Where can I buy cannabis oil?”

Unless you reside in a jurisdiction where cannabis is legally permitted obtaining a suitable cannabis oil extraction is problematic to say the least!

Our philosophy is simple; we assist people to become self-sufficient. Many people initially find the idea of growing cannabis plants in order to make their own oil very daunting, however we believe it is vital that people have the ability to produce their own medicine. Over the many years we have been operating we have empowered thousands of people to become self-sufficient and independent.

We advise and assist people on all aspects, from guidance on purchasing cultivation equipment and selecting the optimum cannabis strain for their condition, to making cannabis oil and its administration and dosage. Our mission is to guide people on their journey to self-sufficiency.

Some people are apprehensive of the process of converting the dry plant material into effective cannabis oil but we make it very straightforward, providing full step by step advice and if appropriate or logistically possible one of our mentors will be on hand and may be able to make a home visit to give ‘hands on’ demonstrations.

The consistent supply of oil is the key issue in our opinion, due to the requirement for an ongoing “maintenance dose” (for life), growing and being self-sufficient is the most practical course of action that a cancer sufferer can take. If you grow indoors in a controlled environment it will take under 4 months to go from seed to making oil. While you are waiting for your first crop to mature you could try and source some bud locally and make small batches of oil at a time. (It takes 7 grams of bud to make 1 gram of oil).

If you believe that consuming cannabis oil is best course of action for you to take and you are concerned about the legality, you need to ask yourself this question:

“Which would you rather be? A living cannabis criminal? Or a dead law abiding citizen?”

Do I need a high THC oil to treat my cancer?

Many websites and self-proclaimed cannabis oil ‘experts’ promote THC as the only cannabinoid to treat cancer, however research indicates that for some cancers combining cannabinoids can be a more effective treatment.

For example:

An experiment conducted at Madrid Complutense University investigating treating Glioblastoma Multiform with cannabinoids concluded that a ratio of 1:1 CBD to THC was the most effective combination of cannabinoids to treat this form of cancer. This experiment also indicated that combining chemotherapy (Temozolomide) with equal amounts of THC and CBD was the most effective treatment of all

“Administration of submaximal doses of THC and cannabidiol (CBD; another plant-derived cannabinoid that also induces glioma cell death through a mechanism of action different from that of THC) remarkably reduces the growth of glioma xenografts”

You can read the full experiment: Here

So there is much debate and argument regarding cannabinoid ratios and as we move towards clinical trials hopefully these questions will be answered.

What dose should I take?

People should be very wary regarding claims that “60 grams of cannabis oil will cure most cancers within 90 days”, regrettably this simply is not true. What is true is that cannabinoids can be a very effective cancer treatment for many people and a more sensible approach is for them to administer cannabis oil until their cancer is in remission. Once their cancer is in remission there is then the requirement for an ongoing “maintenance dose” for life.

The consensus on dosage for people treating their cancer with cannabis oil is to take a minimum of one gram of oil per day until the cancer is in remission, however as all cannabis oil is not equal it is more sensible to think of cannabinoid dosage rather than the amount of oil. For example: compare two oils, oil A is an oil extraction with 40% cannabinoid content and oil B has 80%, logically you would require twice as much of oil A to achieve the cannabinoid content of oil B.

Should I buy cannabis oil from someone on the internet?

No! There are too many scammers and conmen selling fake and poorly made cannabis oil to risk your life or the life of a loved one to people who hide behind fake Facebook profiles and flashy websites. We are aware of many people who have been scammed by scammers so be wary and do not become their next victim.

Can cannabis damage brain cells?

There is some evidence from a study carried out in New Zealand that individuals who smoke cannabis whilst in their teenage years have a marginally lower IQ score in adult life than others who have never used the plant, this suggests that it is not beneficial to use cannabis whilst the brain is still developing.

Yet a North American study conducted by think tank Source Watch found a correlation between the smoking of certain Sativa strains of cannabis and academic achievement. Use of these Sativa strains led to the stimulation of chords within cerebellum which otherwise remain dead throughout daily activity.

More research is needed.

Can I give cannabis oil to my sick child?

The medicinal benefits of cannabis are not restricted only to adults, there are many childhood illnesses and diseases that can be effectively treated with cannabis preparations. Cannabinoids can be as effective at treating children with cancer as it can adults.

Chico Ryder was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare soft tissue cancer in December 2012. It all began with one very large swollen tonsil.

He was 10 years old, a normal kid who enjoyed life to the full, he loved skateboarding, dirt biking and soccer, playing at club level for a local team. He had moved to the USA with his now 14-year-old brother Sonny and mum and dad from his native Manchester, England”

“Chico used a range of integrative therapies alongside the conventional treatment, including cannabis oil (which is legal in his home state of California)”

Read Chico’s story: Here

Many other illnesses such as Dravet’s Syndrome can be controlled with cannabinoids, the cannabinoid CBD is a very effective anti-convulsive.

Which medical conditions can cannabis treat?

Cannabinoids can treat a wide range of illnesses and diseases, from Alzheimer’s disease in adults to Autism and Epilepsy in children.

Please check out our A – Z guide: Here

What is the best way to use cannabis medicinally?


There are 5 main methods of administration for cannabis and cannabinoid preparations, sublingual (under the tongue), oral, inhalation, topical and suppositories.

The various methods of administration are discussed in detail in Jeff Ditchfield’s:

The Medical Cannabis Guidebook

Jeff Ditchfield with Chico Ryder