Bud Buddies have appeared on BBC1, BBC2, Sky TV, Radio 1, Radio Five, HTV, ITV, and one of our founders appeared live on the Parliament TV channel with John Reid MP when he was Home Secretary.
Jeff Ditchfield and the Quest for the Perfect Cannabis Oil …
“The philosophy at Bud Buddies is to empower people to be self-sufficient, so all members are taught how to cultivate and the guidance provided on making preparations depends on the illness or disease of the individual.”
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Interview with Jeff Ditchfield of Bud Buddies
“The Bud Buddies UK Medicinal Cannabis Organization was founded in 2002 by Jeff Ditchfield and for 5 years they supplied cannabis and cannabis preparations to seriously ill and disabled people throughout the UK.” Today Bud Buddies assists cancer sufferers and the parents who are administering cannabinoid extracts to their terminally ill children.
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The Guardian:
“One hugely influential figure in the development of medicinal cannabis in Britain is Jeff Ditchfield, who in 2002 founded the organisation Bud Buddies, which supplied cannabis to ill and disabled people free of charge. He operated from a cannabis coffee shop in Rhyl, north Wales that, despite being under constant surveillance and subjected to six police raids, became a pivotal part of the local community until 2007, when he was forced to relocate to Spain”
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Prosecuting authorities are maintaining a tough stance over the use or supply of cannabis to relieve chronic pain. Despite being downgraded to a Class C drug, possessing and supplying cannabis remained illegal, the counsel for the attorney general told the Appeal Court.
He was arguing over the case of Jeffrey Ditchfield, of Wales, who was acquitted of possessing cannabis with intent to supply as he supplied people in pain.
The court will rule if “necessity” can be used as a defence in such cases.
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The Independent
“They didn’t want me to focus so heavily on Jeff Ditchfield because of his past convictions. But Jeff is the pivotal person in the whole movement.”
Indeed, having founded the organisation Bud Buddies in 2002 – which supplied cannabis to ill and disabled people free of charge – and now a regular lecturer on the medical properties of cannabis to the Royal College of GPs, Ditchfield is recognised as a hugely influential figure in the development of medicinal cannabis in Britain
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ITV News
News footage of Jeff Ditchfield of Bud Buddies as he walks free from a trial at Chester Crown Court

From the BBC1 series ‘Inside Out’
Jeff Ditchfield making cannabis joints for a Bud Buddie MS sufferer

ITV News

Bud Buddies: Project Storm
n April 2013 this film set out to investigate the increasing number of claims that cannabis oil can treat cancer. This has been done through the lives of terminal cancer patients living in the UK. It includes contributions from world leading research labs, the pharmaceutical industry and an illegal medical organisation that produces and provides cannabis oil to cancer sufferers.

Interview with Professor Manuel Guzman by Jeff Ditchfield

Jeff Ditchfield of Bud Buddies interviews Professor Manuel Guzman at Madrid Complutense University regarding cannabinoids and their anti-cancer properties.

Bud Buddies: The Search for CBD
“As Cannabis becomes recognised by the world for its medicinal properties there is increased demand for CBD. It can be almost impossible for the medicinal grower to find the right strain. In this film Bud Buddies travel to Spannabis to help guide you through the lies and unsubstantiated claims made by some seed banks. We hope this film helps you find what you’re looking for…”

Learn to be Self-Sufficient with Cannabis: An Interview with Jeff Ditchfield:

“In an exclusive interview with MedicalMarijuana.co.uk, founder of Bud Buddies and legendary cannabis campaigner Jeff Ditchfield gives his thoughts on the current laws surrounding medical cannabis in the United Kingdom and gives his advice on how to be self-sufficient with medical marijuana”

Herbies Seeds Interview with Jeff Ditchfield from Bud Buddies @ Spannabis 2015 in Barcelona

Bud Buddies Activism
Jeff sent every member of the U.K. Government a cannabis plant
Above: The aeroponic cannabis plant clone sent by Jeff Ditchfield to the Prime Minister of the UK Tony Blair
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Home Affairs Committee – written evidence submitted by Jeffrey Ditchfield
This submission is in regard to the first part of your remit and in particular human rights and the ECHR article 8:
“The extent to which the Government’s 2010 drug strategy is a ‘fiscally responsible policy with strategies grounded in science, health, security and human rights’ in line with the recent recommendation by the Global Commission on Drug Policy”
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